Who can kill vaxxed Pfizer-BioNTech zombies

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Who can kill vaxxed Pfizer-BioNTech  zombies

Heavy Metal Toxicity Increases Your Risk of Electromagnetic Sensitivity

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By Theresa Dale, PhD, CCN, NP

After reviewing available literature on WiFi, Cell Phones, EMF’s, and all forms of radiation, there is urgent information for your review.

Since the body is an antenna, sending and receiving information, we are even more susceptible to symptoms of cell towers and cell phone radiation if we have heavy metals in our body. Any one with heavy metals in their body are “toxic” in heavy metals, even though a hair, blood, urine test may not show it.  As I wrote in 1994, Transform Your Emotional DNA, our body is an antenna, which sends and receives information.  Our nervous system is key to distributing the disharmonic frequencies.  There have been many cases of people with mercury, and even gold fillings, picking up (receiving) radio stations in their mouth – even before cell phone were invented.

That’s right!  The absolute fact is that we are a living antenna - sending and receiving information.   It is now easy to understand how the heavy metals in our body can amplify symptoms.  We are more susceptible to receive harmful radiation from cell phones, cell towers, etc., due to our level of toxicity in heavy metals.

Heavy metals can weaken our field through their frequency outputs by modulating compatible frequency components of the body resulting in a weakening of the field thereby causing unhealthy biochemical changes. If you have accumulated toxic metals in your brain, and since your brain is an antenna, you can actually receive more cell phone radiation, which in turn can cause the microbes in your system to overreact and create more potent mycotoxins. This can create a never-ending vicious cycle between the microbes and metals in your body and your exposure to electromagnetic fields, which can lead to hypersensitivity. I have seen that a high percentage of illness including chronic infections are caused, and/or aggravated, by electromagnetic field exposure.  Then chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes can easily develop or worsen. 

You may use the therapy localization technique I teach to determine if radiation is the cause or a contributor to any health condition. Just use my homeopathic radiation formula as a diagnostic tool. 

This clearly explains why some people are more sensitive to cell phone, EMF’s and radiation than others. 

Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s research shows that the more your system is contaminated with heavy metals from silver amalgam fillings, eating contaminated fish, living downstream from coal burning power plants and so forth, the more your body becomes a virtual antenna that actually concentrates radiation, making it far more destructive.

Dr. Robert Becker -- in his second important book Cross Currents that came out in the late 80s or early 90s -- found that when you expose a bacterial culture to abnormal electromagnetic fields, the bacteria believe they are being attacked by your immune system and start producing much more virulent toxins as a protective mechanism

Furthermore, my opinion and according to various long-term research, minerals can protect the body; perhaps fortify one’s field.  Nano Ionic Minerals penetrate the cell and are safe and effective.

I have included a protocol below to help patients get well. The entire protocol needs to be followed for best success. 

Discover How You Detoxify the body from Heavy Metals and Radiation.  

The following healthy and life giving protocol forms the foundation of optimal health, and can help reduce your toxic load.